Saturday, September 24, 2011

Waterloo: I just read my idol Paul Krugman's "Social Contract" article in the NYT (link below.) I have one thing to say: it is brilliant as usual. How come the president did not choose Dr. Krugman, Professor Warren and people like they for his cabinet when he could have gotten them confirmed holding the two Democratic majorities in Congress in 2008? That was one of the president's big mistakes! I railed against Geithner, et al for years. People like Dr. Krugman would NOT be, as Ron Suskind states in his new book "Confidence Men," foot draggers failing to implement the president's policy so their Wall Street buddies would not suffer. Nor would the administration have gotten misogynists like Summers.

The president is seen as weak, inexperienced and unknowing about the den of the carnivorous who occupy seats of power in Washington. This will be his biggest obstacle to a 2012 win. The big head scratcher was the president's utter failure to step up to the plate in the summer of 2010 which saw vicious, false insanity operating the Town Halls on health care thanks to the Koch Brothersesque entities and those like them pulling the puppet master right wing strings. He failed to see the tornado on the electoral horizon. These corporately controlled mouthpieces for the uber rich duped the very people who would benefit by what an Obama presidency could have been. Obamacare (as they insultingly call it will benefit them.) The overturning of the House in 2010 may, indeed, be the president's Waterloo. If he is going to change he better do so and fast.

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