Monday, September 19, 2011

HANDS OFF SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE: In response to the NYT article entitled "Obama Vows to Veto if Deficit Plan has no tax increases": It's about time the president stood his ground. Mr. President, DO NOT WAVER.

I just came back from the doctor for a routine exam. That office was FILLED with elderly as well as many from the "boomer" generation. I could only imagine what would happen and what will CERTAINLY happen if the Republicans cut Medicare and Social Security. My imagination as well as yours I know can soar to Olympian Heights at the dastardly thought.

Few of those in that office I am sure were billionaires but many if not most were those of us who fit into that great middle class from whom these uncaring, insensitive, greediest of creatures – mostly Republicans – want to cut benefits and what so they can set up an investment scheme for their Wall Street cronies? Oh sure we KNOW how well Wall Street works for all of us and how we can count on it for our retirement -- Funny how that part of our “retirement’ was CUT RIGHT IN HALF for most of us who worked ourselves to death to save for it.

Once those Congressmen (and women) decide to pay for THEIR own health insurance instead of living off taxpayer benefits then maybe we can have a conversation. But they will not. OF COURSE not it might affect THEM.

For those of you who are entertaining the thought of voting Republican remember this that whatever criticism one may have of Democrats this president WILL NOT eliminate Social Security and Medicare. We ALL need to say HANDS OFF MEDICARE and HANDS OFF SOCIAL SECURITY. If the Republicans must why don't they take it from those who make one million or more per year? Let them not get it or be able to opt OUT! Think of all the savings.

Otherwise, get your GREEDY, nasty mainly Republican hands OFF my Social Security and OFF my Medicare. While you're at it save Medicaid, too, for the least of these our brethren -- the poor. Christians should know VERY WELL where that phrase comes from. They should act on their professed religious belief. If you want SOMETHING you can rely on when you cannot work any more vote to re-elect this president. He is your best shot to keep what has worked so well!

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