Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Boston Red Sox and Me: I'm SICK. I'm just crying. Seriously I am crying for a team which puts nothing in my bank account. But as George Carlin would say “There’s a reason; there’s a reason for this. There’s a reason …”

The Red Sox break our heart this time almost worse than Buckner’s boot of the 1986 series. The Red Sox are part of my psyche since I was 3 years old and could remember wanting to play hardball and be a baseball player because of them. They said to that little girl I couldn't cuz I was a girl, so I said I want to be a rabbi instead -- it is 1953 -- nope they said a girl can't BE a rabbi so this little girl had to be satisfied watching from the bleachers and figuratively sitting behind a prayer wall reserved for women among the orthodox to separate them from the men. The two stories have no relation except my heart was and is broken. It has had to, many times, adjust to an alien reality. The Red Sox, my beloved Red Sox, lost what was one out away from a come back reminiscent of the 2004 Series win.

I wore a Red Sox uniform to sleep when I was a kid. My loved-to-the core Boston Red Sox yesterday fractured my heart again. I LOVE this city and this state SO much I would not care if it seceded from a union in a country that does not work for me and does not work for many others anymore. The country has lost the American Dream because of other’s greed and a bought off Congress. It is perhaps gone for the rest of my lifetime; a country where so many lost homes, their life savings, their 401K’s, their health insurance, and their health. Now they are within reach of putting a Party into office that they do not understand is not about them and WORSE is responsible for the mess in the first place.

Have I known disappointments in life? YOU BETCHA. But our president says “Stop whining, stop crynin, stop complainin, stop grumbin.” Those words fall into a trash bin of history as our president, now a multi millionaire, will draw a hefty salary with benefits for the rest of his life even if he loses 2012. He says those audibly stupid words which fall on deaf ears because many others to whom he says those empty words STILL, after nearly four years of his leadership, cannot afford their next meal, have no roof over their head and cannot prevent their tears from falling into a Salvation Army food bank dish.

So I am sad on many levels. I never became a rabbi and I never got to play hardball. Now, yet again, my heart is down to my toes as my Red Sox fail us one more time, my country sinks to the bottom, evil on Wall Street does NOT get punished but rewarded and we elect a president I thought was going to be my FDR idol but is FAR from it.

I prayed this AM. I rarely pray and do so not because it's Rosh Hashanah, one of the Jewish high holy days although it is. I prayed because I am SO sad. Life's dreams get shattered and you don't know why except maybe god -- if there is one – had other plans. I just wish His plans included me once in awhile! Please God can't you choose me to be on the lucky team just ONCE -- only once? Lucky are they who strike life's lottery. I didn't and the clock is running out on my game. I ask God: if not now when? Yes, I am cryin; yes, I am whinin; yes, I am grumblin and, Mr. President, there are darn good reasons why I am! Happy New Year to my Jewish brethren – Happy New Year indeed!

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