Friday, September 16, 2011

A Bleeding Heart: It is hard to imagine, staggering really, that the choice for president comes down to a party half of whom would think it simply AOK if someone through no fault of his own cannot afford to pay a hospital bill to let him just simply die; or a party many of whom cheer -- actually cheer -- at the state executed death of a man no matter if that man is innocent. It is chilling that a governor is proud that he spent not one day, not one hour, not one minute wondering if the man whose death warrant he signed is truly guilty but would protect a fetus at all costs even if it costs the life of the mother.

Is this the kind of country I grew up in? What has happened to the heart of a nation who would value deregulated capitalism run amok rather than provide health care as a RIGHT?

It makes me ashamed. I am thankful that there is part of the voting populous who is just as numerous IF NOT MORE, just as committed to its humanitarian principle, just as vociferous as the other side is committed to its inhuman policy.

We know that the party of so called \"conservatives\" bears NO resemblance to Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, or Dwight Eisenhower -- all presidents who knew that in the final analysis when people's lives and civil rights are at stake and free enterprise does nothing to protect them then the people who are suffering look to government for help.

We have had these battles since our country's founding. But I do not think in other eras or in other times that the rhetoric coming from the Republican party was so hateful, so vitriolic, so mean, and so racist that its main object, irrespective of whether the country survives, is that it take down the first black president even IF his policies could save the nation, put a roof over someone's head, put clothes on someone's back and return the sick back to the health that is NOT a privilege but a right.

Shame on this country if it elects, yet again, another Know Nothing Republican who sows evil into the nation's sinew, makes people suffer in dumb anguish and will send this country over another cliff existentially perhaps for the very last time!

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