Monday, September 26, 2011

Bing or Bling: You can read the link below about the "Goggle-Microsoft antitrust war for the web" and decide for yourself. The name of the game is power ball in Washington when Citizens United was the abominable pro corporate decision de jour handed down by the illustrious right wingnut political SCOTUS jurists Scalia, Thomas, Kennedy, Alito, and Roberts. It extended big time the stranglehold corporate America already has on ALL of our lives. They do so now EVEN more by Google buying, through massive contributions, into the Republican wingnut camp. Now these corporate swine are extending their poison to what you read on the web. The RepubilcRAT extremist party has managed to get even formerly progressive Google into their rightwing extremist boat.

It might seem that this does not mean much as the moneyball game, we know, is played out ALL OVER Washington by both parties. It nonetheless is important, I believe, VERY important. I am switching my search engine to Bing. Bing is very good and until I read otherwise I humbly suggest you do the same if you truly do want fairly distributed information available to all on the web. If there is, I admit, a progressive slant to a company I will use that company. I suggest you do the same unless you want to be bought by entities that do NOT -- DO NOT -- have most of your interests at heart unless you have a membership in the top 2% which holds 98% of the wealth strata. I suspect most of you do not.

If you are concerned that the information you receive from the HUGELY influential Internet will be unfairly tainted by right wing extremist conservative sites because Google will give them positional preference or even omit progressive ones than switch to Bing. How could it hurt? Every little bit the little guy can do to help erase BIG MONEY'S rancid influence on all of our lives is a good thing. At least one must try!

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