Thursday, August 18, 2011

Worried so what else is new? A desperate stream of conscious letter to the president:

FYI -- just to let you know my stream of conscious concerns:

Events are simply HORRIBLE just horrible. How bad can things get? Truly if I were a Christian fundamentalist honestly I can see why they believe in "end times." I am NOT a Christian fundamentalist but things surely do seem utterly absolutely 100% AWFUL and worse for the world this country could elect a Republican utter IDIOT!

The coral reefs are dying, the icebergs are melting, tornadoes, HUGE oil leaks, droughts, floods, oppressive heat in summer and horrible blizzards and snowfall in winter, hurricanes, dust, -- climate change anyone? NO KIDDING. Shall I go on? Food shortages and prices through the roof, pharmaceutical shortages, famines, never ending wars, radiation leaks, stock market dives, economic catastrophes here and in Europe looming, bankruptcies, home foreclosures, a volatile market, and a president who cannot be STRONG against his REPUBLICAN enemies. Where is Oprah when you need her? A little positive thinking of which my DNA has NONE.

Mr. President, NAME REPUBLICANS AS YOUR ENEMY because they are. It's NOT Democrats in Congress who are a boil on the posterior it is REPUBLICANS. They are simply AWFUL. I do not know how you can stand it.

You MUST MUST MUST stand up to them and EXPLAIN to the American people who the obstructionists are and why government is NOT the enemy but can help us when we need it. Explain why a bigger jobs stimulus to the economy is necessary and why they need Democrats to take back the House.

It is an imperative. After jobs we get revenue and deal with the way over obsessed about deficit. DO NOT CUT SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE -- life boats to humans!

EXPLAIN things to them and do NOT let Perry off the hook because he is "new" at this. He isn't. He's been governor for 10 years. Worse I am worried VERY that he or Romney could beat you because you do NOT appear like a STRONG leader. An IDIOT Republican could make it to the White House yet again with the Supreme Court in the balance. And yet another Republican with his finger on the nuclear button. What happened to you? I am flummoxed by your tepid leadership. Buy a new pair of boxing gloves and have at them--I want a KO in the first round!!

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