Monday, August 01, 2011

This Day of Infamy: Remember this day of infamy, liberal, progressives, moderates and other humane peoples of all political stripes as a day in which the hostage holding terrorist Tea Baggers put a gun to America's head. In our civilized land (at least for the moment) we settle things in a civilized way -- non violently and by our vote.

Remember, as I surely will, to settle the score and in 2012 relegate the Tea Bag Knownothings to the ash heap of history. Our nation is dying a slow and painful death and that is exactly what the Tea Baggers truly want -- a white nationalist oligarchy to call their very own. The oligarchs, though, do NOT want the Tea Baggers for their own. They want to use them as water carriers to make the very very rich even richer. The Tea Baggers WILL be voted OUT of office but they cannot be voted out of office soon enough for me! Tomorrow is, indeed, another day and I cannot wait for it!

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