Monday, August 08, 2011

The Elephant in the Room: The bad news on the economy AND the S&P's ridiculous rating is they should talk we should be rating them as a HUGE factor in the 2007 near blow up of the stock market and world economy for rating phony stocks of their own clients Triple A. Who are they kidding? They are darn lucky Eric Holder did not kick their posterior into a cell next to Madoff. ... YET!

Beyond that thank Tea Baggers and their frightened to death of them Republican lackeys who HANDED a 500 point loss in the market twice because of their utter near TREASONOUS holding our country hostage tying spending cuts to the debt ceiling. THIS is NOT Obama's fault, this is Republican's fault .. a party who would NOT compromise with Obama if Obama were Nelson Mandela. Their movement is SOLELY about removing Obama from office and nothing else. They do what they do NOT for the love of country but for the hatred of its president.

I do not have to say what the elephant in the room is (pardon the pun) everyone KNOWS including I am sure the president what it is. Welcome to the vestiges of the Civil War which CLEARLY are not behind us even until this DAY!

Think about that shameful fact when you even THINK about voting a Republican into office for anything not even dog catcher. They are NOT about you America. They are about the top 2%. Never forget that fact.

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