Tuesday, August 02, 2011

An Apology: I apologize for the plethora of email regarding the latest most egregious Congressional debt ceiling vote compromising everything we elected our leaders to be in 2008. Please Google Keith Olberman's Special Comment on Current TV if you have not heard it already on the new cable network of Current TV. I provide the link below which Current TV has just posted to make it easier for you to do so. It is so important that I yet again write this email to you and provide you the link to hear it. (Do not be deterred by the one minute ad before the comment.) It is WELL worth waiting to hear this gem of auditory excellence!

I agree with 100% of everything he had to say but Keith says it so much more eloquently and passionately than I ever could. He made reference to the protests of the late 1960's of which I am so closely aligned if not in body then certainly in spirit. I yearn for those days when humanitarian ideals meant something and people took to the streets in non-violent protest to show it. It really did seem that our nation was being born anew -- for the better at least for that brief but inspiring-to-me moment. He talks about so much more than even that.

The link to Keith's Special Comment is posted below. If you cannot click on it then Google Current TV. I urge you to contact your cable provider if yours does not offer Current and ask them to make available the Current Channel. If you have it find the channel. FIOS channel for Current TV is 192. Current TV is new and unfolding in its content and owned in part by the brilliant Al Gore. Be patient but tune in often to see what it has to offer. It is getting better every day and soon I HOPE will upgrade its broadcast to compete with the glitz of other mainstream channels. It still is very good but getting better all the time and Keith alone is worth the price of admission.

I can ASSURE you it is infinitely better than the other go-along-to-get-along commentary one hears everywhere else. Please listen, savor and enjoy!


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