Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Sex in the City: I do not care what Anthony Weiner did. I admit it. I am a died in the wool Democrat and admittedly have different standards for them because their principles in general, though sometimes not so far different from Republicans, ARE really phenomenally different in many other ways. The diversity of the Democratic Party unlike the Republican Party cannot be denied. Yes, I want Democrats to win and because Democrats do not use moral nauseating self righteous blather as part of their platform the hypocrite standards ARE different.

I think Senator Ensign of Nevada and Senator Vitter of Louisiana's indiscretions were FAR worse and even possibly illegal. Yet Republican Eric Cantor did NOT ask THEM to resign and the voters did not care that David Vitter probably frequented a known high class prostitute since his name was on her list. I wonder why Cantor did not care about them. Things ARE political.

Who cares about the words Weiner wrote -- NOT I. BUT I DO care about foreign policy, I loved bin Laden killed, I do care about KEEPING Medicare/Social Security, and I DO care about Republicans who have NOTHING to offer on economic policy except more of the corporate oligarchical same and WORSE want ultimately an eradication of entitlements. Republicans got us into the mess in the first place. When in office Republicans sink the ship.

Our ship IS sinking from their policies and FASTER than the president can wield his own power because of Republican obstructionism so you will have to excuse me if the exchanges between Weiner and his online lovelies matter NOT to me. Let his wife care about that and let Weiner do what he does SO well and that is advocate and vote for the middle class and the little guy whom Republican policy and the holier than thou crowd does not know exist.

He who has not sinned cast the first one. I say learn a lesson, Rep. Weiner, go and sin no more but keep advocating for us!

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