Thursday, June 16, 2011

I was HIGHLIGHTED i.e. singled out on the New York Times blog as an especially thoughtful post on the Weiner story. I said:

I supported his staying until recently. More and more lewd adolescent-like photos kept issues from taking front and center in importance.

I am VERY sad. There are so few out there who advocate for the middle class and the little guy, so few whose humanitarian philosophical and political outlook helps rather than hurts as those do in the Republican party whose only job is to keep the rich gulping taxpayer dollars, keep the war machine going and keep Wall Street from paying a steep steep price for all the malevolence, sadness and yes even death they have perpetrated as people lose their jobs, their health insurance, their health, their homes and are even prone to suicide.

Anthony Weiner's exit is just another nail in the people's coffin as those on the other side DUPE so many into thinking they are about them. It is a SAD day, a VERY SAD day for me!

I leave with two sentences more: I am not a Christian but I love much of what Christianity says as it is in its essence, I believe, kind: It says he who has not sinned cast the first stone and it says he who smites you on one cheek give to him the other also.

I HOPE Rep. Weiner knows there are MANY who would stand with him through this unsavory matter no matter what because he stood with all of us when it counted and tried to save lives! You have one friend, Anthony Weiner, in ME!

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