Monday, May 02, 2011

YES WE DID! An operation like this reminds me of the commando raid against the pirates off the coast of Yemen given at the president’s order. Yet another example of a brilliant man who occupies the office. The death of bin laden is BEYOND the former example times a million and proves that point to me. He is the most competent of competent commanders in chief. He knows EXACTLY what to do and how to do it.

Sure, the war on terror goes on. But never forget a request by US commandos was made to take the bastard bin laden out in Tora Bora and it was denied. The negating of the order to get Bin Laden when they COULD have done it in Tora Bora to me at the time was treason.

So yes, we can all come together BUT I am SURELY glad this was done on Obama’s watch as I suspected when he was elected, it would be. He directed and the Navy Seals executed it with PERFECTION.

My criticisms in the past of some policy are tucked away because the president has proven he KNOWS how to implement his YES WE CAN mantra. His administration is about reconciliation and compromise. Criticize him as I sometimes do I can also reverse course and laud him for his ability to do what he thinks is right even if it means compromising with the oft disloyal opposition. I do not have to like that but can support this president as he has shown today and on many other occasions that his policy uniting the nation is sharp and implementing it arduous but necessary.

Kudos, Mr. President. You have my loyalty!

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