Friday, May 06, 2011

Leave it to the Beave?: "The Beaver," a new Mel Gibson, Jody Foster movie was reviewed by NYT. As is its custom a comment section is often made available for the reader or the viewer to write their thoughts. I have written on many of the issues of our time on many other NYT blogs. They most always, with great appreciation, are accepted and printed online.

In the movie review comment section, however, my view on the Gibson film "The Beaver," is not being printed. My opinion of Gibson's film (which I have not seen) is that I refuse to see it. I indict Gibson the man as a most malodorous anti-Semite which seals my decision not to view anything that is associated with him. I think my opinion is worthy of appearing on the NYT movie blog with other opinions that I believe, humbly, are not as thoughtfully composed. I offered it again for their consideration.

I will not view this film:

I DO make a value judgment about Mr. Gibson. Personally, even before his virulent anti-Semitic comments his type of film never really attracted me. However, I have always enjoyed most of Ms. Foster's (his female lead in "The Beaver") films. Still, there is no way, in view of Mr. Gibson's hostile and vituperative anti-Semitic rants often in an inebriated state, I would even consider seeing this film or any film connected to him. It is not his Catholicism to me which is at issue but his adherence to the most extreme branch of the faith long eschewed by more than one Pope. It is that sect of the faith which desires not only to return to the Latin Tridentine Mass but wants to emphasize the texts which significantly indict the Jew for the killing of Christ. As stated in The Sun by Gabriel Birkner on July 3, 2007 The Good Friday liturgy [to which Mr. Gibson would like to return] "contains a passage stating that Jews live in "blindness" and "darkness" and asks God to "remove the veil from their hearts."" I suppose, too, [that Gibson would like to reinstate] a reference to Jews as Ms. Birkner states "perfidious" which was excised from the liturgy in 1969." Those portions of the New Testament which have been treated as historical veracity are far from it as most academic scholars of religion know. This indictment of the Jew gave two thousand years of rationality to the most heinous accusation ultimately culminating in the Holocaust.

Mr. Gibson aside from being a consummate anti-Semite is also a Holocaust denier. Ms. Foster should consider well the type of people from whom she decides to earn a living. She can and should do better. It is not only his extremist faith that is at issue but all of the other scurrilous accusations to which he in Shylockian form subscribes and which his extremist father conveyed to his son. Mr. Gibson adheres to those most odious views which have plagued world Jewry since the earliest inception of Christianity. The fact that Rome had to be absolved for the New Testament execution of Jesus meant that Jews would carry that burden for a crime they did not commit if even one can believe the historicity of New Testament text. It would prove deadly to the Jewish people -- six million deadly.

Why would I, a Jewess, ever want to add to this deluded man's wealth? I do NOT and WILL not. So far, the film I have read is getting quite tepid reviews so I suspect I am not missing very much. If Ms. Foster decides to make another film that has no relationship to this fetid man, then maybe I will give it consideration.

I urge people in view of Mr. Gibson's heinous political, religious, personally tainted, psychologically incriminating and domestically violent character refrain from buying a ticket.

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