Monday, May 30, 2011

Uncivil War: I link below an article on MSNBC entitled: "NATO apologizes for Afghan Civilian Deaths."

The perpetual waging of unpopular war abroad, which expends rivers of blood, saps our pocketbook and balloons our debt, must be brought to a swift end. The three wars, two of which are ten years in length, viciously shed precious blood, are wildly expensive, decimate the psyches of those who fight them and worse fuel the fires of Al Qaeda by the inevitable collateral killing of civilians -- including women/children.

Our military is sorely overextended. It is a fact of life our adversaries sometimes do not condemn more vociferously their own people who often do unspeakable things to each other. We must live with that inconsistency. Many hate more specifically the foreigner on their soil. When will Americans learn they are NOT killing us for our freedom? They are killing us because they do NOT want American boots on their ground.

All the effort our military expends on humanitarian work is wonderful BUT it is lost to Al Qaeda when events such as the recent civilian killings in Afghanistan happen as reported below. Bin Laden, the overlord of inhumanity, was finally killed and I proudly say at the direction of a Democrat! His end should mark a new beginning in American foreign policy that went haywire after World War II. The department which is responsible for the defense of the country is called the Department of Defense and NOT the Department of Offense for a reason.

If the draft were reinstated one would see how fast American troops would be pulled as few would want their son or daughter to either perpetrate or experience the carnage and danger the ugly, mendacious and immoral so called Bush Doctrine of preemptive war brings. We would also see how much reining in our foreign escapades would lower the debt and restore civility to uncivil policy. Our war policy garners only more killing, death/dismemberment and psychological illness of our soldiers, animosity abroad and debt at home. It is time to end these insufferable, uncivil, and never ending wars.

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