Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Body of Evidence: I am dismayed that the pictures of the operation and elimination of bin laden were not shown. Frankly, I do NOT know what to believe. Am I thrilled he is dead? YES, of course. I was in euphoria Sunday night but there are many questions I have now that reason prevails. Will this be the ratcheting down OR UP the fear of and war on terror? Will the US now go into Pakistan because they allegedly knew about bin laden's hiding place and did nothing? Will this drive this nation into more HUMONGOUS debt?

They are saying he lived in a million dollar mansion and the press is parroting that. That is NOT what I see. I see a place of squalor and poverty. It was disgusting. Could a man with a physical malady of kidney disease on dialysis I have been led to believe he had live in such squalor for SIX years? Moreover, DNA evidence proved with 100% accuracy that it was bin laden? I thought DNA testing took weeks and not minutes. Many questions upon reflection which require answers.

I want the president to get the glory, I am GLAD that bin laden is finally deemed dead BUT the proof of that is necessary. The questions will keep coming and they will grow. I was ebullient Sunday night and now I am filled with questions, doubt and fear. I suspect others feel that as well. The question is does this administration care ENOUGH to answer these questions many will have.

I KNEW that the pictures of the body would not be released. I am a doubting Thomas NOT that bin laden is dead but that he was killed on Sunday, May 1. I am doubting my government. I vowed I would never be duped as I was when Bush touted WMD's. I believed it and it was not so. THOUSANDS of lives depended on that truth and they died because they believed in American power and exceptionalism as well.

Now I wonder will fear be ratcheted up again and will we be furious at Pakistan for not telling us about bin laden giving us the excuse we need to open up yet ANOTHER front on a nation that DOES possess nuclear weapons OR did Pakistan not get him because he was already dead. One news agency recently broadcast a segment about US retaliation for Pakistani negligence or betrayal.

I want the questions that others have and that I have now to be answered. I do NOT want this to be another scenario where so many lives are lost because the truth was never told. The pictures of the body and any video of the military operation which allegedly killed bin laden should be released!

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