Friday, April 22, 2011

What IS war good for?: This is simply a stream of conscious, not well written as I do not have the time. It was provoked by pictures of Republican former presidential 2008 candidate John McCain prancing around Libya our new found war. It showed a semi-smiling McCain, an unafraid McCain in a sport coat, flanked by other men and it showed two Libyan men carrying American flags. (link provided below) What it does not show is that McCain, to go to Libya, had to do it in the UTMOST secrecy accompanied by a TON of protection. Most of our military and diplomatic professionals, including journalists who are there, as the article states, see a "stalemate." It evoked some thought!

Obama or McCain it makes not a whit of difference. This is just an ugly scenario and I cannot BELIEVE my eyes that Obama, a man who once eschewed war, in the Senate voted against the Iraq war, is now stepping up war in the Middle East. This is never ending, perpetual, permanent war for generations upon generations to come. It is NOT Medicare, Social Security or Medicaid that will bankrupt the US it is incessant war EVERYWHERE especially in the Middle East that even Obama let me say that again OBAMA will not end.

The military industrial complex that even a 1950's anti Communist Eisenhower told us to beware of sees an ATM machine cash cow in the Middle East. They probably licked their chops at 911 and KNEW the American people could easily be scared into forever war IF (1) it did not lead to a draft (2) their kids would not have to fight it (3) it made them SO rich and they would never have to pay for it as taxes which for them would be lowered.

In the final analysis, it is the MIDDLE CLASS, the WORKING CLASS and the POOR that will pay in blood and treasure for these utterly bankrupting and insane wars that go NOWHERE. Now it is reported that it is a stalemate in Libya. Now THAT'S a big surprise. Oh sure, the rebels carry American flags. Once they get into power IF -- I say IF -- they do many in their NOT-cohesive-movement will burn American flags.

This is my prediction based upon Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan who today said NO US predator drones and now a Libyan stalemate. God knows where else we are dropping bombs. I am SURE we are in more live ammunition wars than we can count. Our wars ALIENATE more than they pacify and they condemn us to an eternal hell we have never known. There is no hell after death. There does not have to be. Our leaders will provide us with it for money in their pockets, power and now most of all oil. They do it EVERY time even the once liberal Obama.

Do you think these corporate cows want clean energy so we do NOT have to depend on Middle East oil -- NO WAY. So it will go on and on and on and on until someday MAYBE the American people will WAKE up or the country will collapse from humongous debt.

The Republican Party, the leaders of the Tea Bag Party and some in the Democratic Party are NOT interested in YOU. They do NOT care about you. Vote for people who are NOT tied to the corporate trough, who do not need corporate money and who will get this nation OUT OUT OUT of permanent never ending bankrupting war! Our country's life and YOUR life depend upon it! As the old 1960's anti-war song goes: "War what is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHIN!"

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