Thursday, April 07, 2011

Not Good as Gold: Jeff Jacoby, editorialist for The Boston Globe wrote an op ed today entitled: "Goldstone's investigation was a one-sided sham." I often do not agree with his conservative views but on this one I did. It involved the Goldstone Report and a rescinding by the author Judge Richard Goldstone of the Goldstone Report which was an indictment of the Jewish state for an abuse of human rights. As stated in the web site "Understanding the Goldstone Report" "On September 15, 2009, Judge Richard Goldstone and his Commission presented their 575-page Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict to its mandating authority, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). From the beginning, observers raised serious questions about the Commission’s propriety. These involved its mandate and terms of reference, the sponsoring body’s domination by dictatorships that regularly abuse human rights in their own countries, the biases and prejudices of members of the Commission itself. And yet, the report will play a key role in the effort to specifically target Israeli troops in both boycott movements and warfare attacks, and more broadly to establish a reigning paradigm of international law as applied to 21st century asymmetrical conflicts."

I wrote the following to Jacoby:

Jeff, when you are right I say you are right. You are dead-on right with respect to the utterly sickening Goldstone Report. When it first appeared, while I did not know if it were true or not, it made my skin crawl for a fellow Jew to issue a report that made such a destructive allegation against the Jewish state. How, I thought, could he have done this to his own people? No matter what I found I could NEVER issue a blanket condemnation against my Jewish people EVER. I might criticize particular policy but I surely would never think for one moment that the enemies of Israel are so lily white pure.

It is the thing that most dismays me about my leftist compatriots. I do not understand their elevation of all things Palestinian and their wholesale condemnation of the Jewish state. They do not even give a nation state the right to defend itself against those who want to pulverize it into dust. No one, no Jew at least, could ever understand Jewish history without the knowledge that the history of our people for over two thousand years has been one of siege by those who want our destruction. The eighth wonder of the world is that we have survived at all. The Jewish people created a beautiful, democratic and progressive state tolerant to those who would even disagree with its existence. If this state were in the hands of the murderers of Hamas would they create the same democratic state? I suspect they would not.

The truth of the Holocaust one would think would play a part in the left wing supposed humanitarian mantra which would allow them to see why a DEMOCRATIC Jewish state with an educated populous where women in most circles share the same bima as men would be reason enough to be in awe of its exceptional success and, more importantly, its right to exist. Are they blind? Do they not see? I suspect that many on the left, even some Jews among us, want the Jewish part of them to simply disappear. The rest of the gentile world who are against the Jewish state -- especially in the west -- STILL even now turn anti-Semitic red with rage that these, as they see it, intrinsically blemished people, spurned throughout history as killers of their god do not deserve the success they own. Many STILL, despite the six million, feel the yearning and the need to disparage the Jew because, of course, the Jew MUST be guilty of something.

BUT when one of our own writes an indictment which gave rationalization to the Palestinian cause and their assault on the Jewish state which is seen round the world that he later must rescind because it was false I sit shiva for him and say only God, if there is one, can forgive this destructiveness against his own people. It is to me TREASON of the highest order. Has the world not had enough Jewish blood to satisfy its cannibalistic hunger? Did Goldstone have to throw a stake at the heart of his own people and feed it to the lions? He sickened me when his report first came out and he sickens me now. He made his bed of excrement now I say let him lie in it!

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