Saturday, April 30, 2011

Confederate Pride? This is in response to the article entitled "The Confederate Flag is Still Flying High" on the web site The Grio (link below.) It is written stream of conscious because those who know me understand a fractured foot makes it painful to do most everything. My response is short and sweet .... well NOT so sweet.

I am white and flying the Confederate flag to me is as if someone flew a Nazi swastika flag. Would I say they have the right to fly it? MAYBE but I have just as much right to abhor, loathe and stand with others who feel the same as I in opposition to it. The confederate flag makes me see red and I laud the NAACP for vociferously and continuously without end protest it. They can fly that flag but no one says any person of moral integrity, (ESPECIALLY if they call themselves Christian as nearly all in the south do) has to like it. I THOUGHT Christianity was about in large part love and compassion engendering the ability to walk in the other guy's shoes.

For centuries that symbol has denied African Americans the right to THEIR heritage and WORSE even their right to live. The south was peppered with strange hanging fruit of black men hung from trees because they merely looked at a white person the wrong way. (listen to Billie Holiday's song on Utube: Strange Fruit Utub

The Confederate flag and so called "southern pride" is a symbol of all the evil that culture did to an entire race of people. It meant they could not vote, it meant they could not eat at the same table as whites, drink at the same drinking fountain as whites, swim in the same swimming pool as whites, go to the same bathroom as whites, enter the same door as whites, it meant they had to sit at the back of the bus, it meant that they could not vote, it meant that they could not go to the same school as whites, it meant that they had to give favor to whites to walk on the same side of the street, it meant having a difficult life and it meant sometimes not even having a life at all.

I say sure fly the lousy flag but others of humane mind do not and WILL not EVER like it!

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