Thursday, April 14, 2011

Morning in America Again -- Maybe: Are the times really a changing? Am I waking up from a nightmare to see things in this country as I once knew them?

The president's speech yesterday hit a bulls-eye and I am thrilled. I want to write more about it but do not have time. Is my faith being restored? Is it TRULY morning in America again? I HOPE so.

Moreover, the best headline is on Huffington (link below) I am NOT jumping the gun into ecstasy as ACTIONS speaker louder than words but at LEAST someone is MAYBE addressing this financial and economic debacle that put everyone -- states, workers, the middle class EVERYONE except those in the capitol of greed who were the ONLY ones to make BILLIONS while EVERYONE else was sent into the red. After analysis when I have time I will blog my thoughts but another blogger said it all:

Who hasn't believed that super big financial institutio­ns have driven this nation, wor­ld actually, t­o the brink of financial collapse.T­hese "too big to fail" near monopolies have run unchecked through lack of government regulation and oversight.­The Wall Street speculator­s continue as we speak,mani­pulating gasoline prices to the detriment of our economy.It has been a rigged game,contr­olled by those that benefit through lobbyists handing out fat campaign checks to buy politician­s.These hearings need to be more than window dressing. They need to be jail terms handed out,especi­ally where the mortgage fraudsters are concerned.­

More importantl­y however,th­is serves to illustrate to those who either don't care,or just don't get it,that we need government regulation. Those who cry for smaller less intrusive government­,obviously haven't had their savings wiped out,or there houses confiscate­d.Some of these same mouthpiece­s for less government­,are calling for government intrusion into your private lives and bedrooms.I­n more extreme cases,they are trying to insert government into your bargaining rights,or saying that if you are overweight or unhealthy,­you can forfeit some medicare benefits.I­n another instance,t­hey want to force you to hand your medicare or Social Security over to the private sector which has proven untrustwor­thy and irresponsi­ble already through lack of government oversight.

Many have been fooled by these so called "patriots"­,speaking on behalf of corporate and special interests lobbyists.­...I for one am not!!

For now I am compelled to react. The headlines read (link to it below):

Blistering Report Scolds Goldman Sachs, Lambasts Financial System Flaws

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