Monday, March 14, 2011

Off the top of my head Modest Proposal: I just had a brilliant idea because I was thinking of Jonathan Swift's "A Modest Proposal." For all those Republicans (and a few conservaDems too) I think that they should begin a state of their own. How about transporting them to Idaho. Then move ALL the nuclear power plants to Idaho with them. Then they can all be together and make love to as many nuclear power plants and the waste from them that they want. They can even swim in the waste plants in summer. While they are there they can work very hard because, sorry, no health care UNLESS the free ever so free market will offer health care which they can purchase at a HUGE price but they won't mind because the glories of the free market will make sure they are rich, VERY rich.

Moreover, they could pollute to their hearts' content (as long as the pollution stays in Idaho) and they can even deny global warming and rev those car engines up twice as much and business would not even have to monitor their smoke stacks or waste plants. Hey chemicals just add to the high of swimming in a stream they roll into in summer. They could EVEN pull cigarette warnings from packages. When they get cancer, heart attacks and strokes well such is life they just die and a new generation takes their place. God will surely protect the ones who do not have heath care and there is ALWAYS heaven. In addition, while they are at it they can take evolutionary developments in bio-chemistry and the prevention of disease OUT of their books. Nope creation "science" only. When new flues evolutionarily morph the Idahoians will have to go it alone and, well, they can pray. Yep there is always prayer which is a sure cure for disease.

Now, gays well they present a problem. If a Republican has a gay son or daughter, they can enroll them in a "Change a Gay" Christian program and again pray a LOT and presto their kid is straight or they can just give them the death penalty if they don't change.

And oh yes, guns. They can have ALL the guns they want. Feel free carry them everywhere, into the mens' room, the ladies' rooms, to school, to church even into surgery in case the doc screws up you can just shoot him.

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