Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Forgive for what?: I respectfully disagree with Rabbi Hier of the Simon Weisenthal Center (link below) thanking Benedict XVI for absolving the Jews for the death of Jesus. While this is a good thing for the Jewish people, I find myself INCREDULOUS as to even discussing this utterly insulting matter. That one even needs to give credence to these moronic accusations is testament (forgive the pun) to the stupidity of the human race. Pardon me if I say to his Holiness, Benedict, I was NOT staying up nights pacing, worrying and wondering IF the pope will pardon me. Really, pardon me for what?

That this accusation of deicide has been an albatross around the Jewish neck for millennia culminating in the orgasmic slaughter of the six million cannot be denied. Absolving the Jewish people by his Holiness, Benedict XVI for our collective guilt for the death of Jesus I find patently and absolutely absurd! The dastardly deeds committed by the Church with respect to the Jewish people have been done and cannot be undone. Let the Pope ask God for His forgiveness. I for one thank the church for nothing!

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