Sunday, January 02, 2011

Next Best Writer!

I wrote this to after reading Matt Zoller Seitz's article for Salon entitled "The Oprah Winfrey Network's odd, splashy kick-off" I urge you to read it. It is wonderfully written, entertaining and in my view, right on the money (so to speak!) I enclose the link below.

Matt, I was as enthralled with your article as I sometimes have been with the big "O's" programming during her meteoric rise to fame over 25 years!

YOU should be part of a show dedicated to finding the next BEST writer. This article about the "NEW" Oprah-saturated OWN network is described by you better than I, who humbly consider myself a decent writer, ever could. I was riveted on your "The Oprah Winfrey Network's odd, splashy kick-off" article. There is not one word in it with which I do not agree. Your writing is superb and ever so interesting I could not wait to get to the next word.

Your thoughts calm all the years of my frustrated rage watching Oprah's money sucking sugar coated kitsch with someone else who is often glued to her comments. Your piece is brilliant and satisfies me beyond anything the "New Network" could convey!

Having said that and still believing all of it, one cannot deny that in many ways Oprah over the years has helped many distressed humans. Sometimes even I, the world's most seasoned curmudgeon and doubter supreme, think about her positive mantras.

Still, charlatans and snake oil salesmen have been with us since the horse drawn carriage. That salesmanship has matured to heights never before imagined but it does not mean that those who drive the horses with their wares inside are not the same. They are. It's simply snake oil by a different name -- OWN!

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