Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finally Joe is saying so: Joe Lieberman is leaving the Senate (see a NYT link below which a relative sent to me.) Say it is so, Joe! Joe Lieberman, as far as I am concerned, has no legacy. He is a traitor to his party and even, I believe, to the nation he claims to love. Lieberman committed his pecuniary power to perpetuating policies and a McCain presidency which would have done nothing but put intellectual lightweights instead of intellectual heft into the White House. Mr. Lieberman, you picked the wrong side, thank God.

He was the Democratic, let me say that again, the DEMOCRATIC nominee for VP in 2000. It sure is a long way from Tipperary. He threw his allegiance in 2008 to Republican John McCain, an old man with medical maladies including cancer and risked the possibility, if McCain could not govern, of having know-nothing Palin as a president plunging this country into a Medieval darkness worse than the eight years of the George W. Bush presidency if that is possible.

Country first? No, I don't think so. Mr. Lieberman supported the Iraq carnage, supported invading and perpetuating the invasion of a country that did NOTHING to us. He helped this country waste billions of taxpayer dollars and most importantly committed himself to a policy of never-ending death for our troops as well as contributing to the hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths in Iraq. He, by his support of Bush war policies, contributed to the destruction of a country which caused a million refugees to flee from certain death and destruction by staying in that country.

Joe Lieberman was a morally bankrupt politician who cared more about the health insurance industry campaign contributions and his wife's conflict-of-interest job in the insurance industry than he cared about sound public option health care which could have saved millions and could have put the nail in the coffin of an industry which deserved it. It could have gotten employers out of the health care business a place where most loath being. But Joe wanted to be the center of attention with all of the nation’s eyes on him. He wanted everyone to lick his boots and beg him for support. Ah, the power he must have felt! He is a hypocrite of the worst order and he will, hopefully, have no power soon. Well I can hope can't I?

He overruled the dictates of an election by aborting his Democratic Party allegiance and slithered in as an Independent because he could NOT and did not win in the primary as a Democrat. Lamont SHOULD have been the senator from Connecticut. One hopes that the people of the good state of Connecticut, a state which I love, will return to its moral senses and vote Democratic in 2012. God knows we need them to do that as the American people in the mid section of this country and elsewhere tend to like to step on their own toes and vote for a Republican party which is NOT about their own economic interests.

Yes, I thank Mr. Lieberman for his help in the DADT repeal. After all, it was the least he could have done! Goodbye, Mr. Lieberman, I for one will not miss you!

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