Sunday, December 05, 2010

Science, Truth and God: Interesting article from "Politics Daily" linked below entitled "Does a New Life form Mean God is Dead?" Its subject is about the recent discovery of a new form of bacteria which has arsenic as part of the DNA genome rather than heretofore thought all necessary ingredient for DNA life element phosphorus. Life now, it has been verified, can exist without the phosphorus molecule. To the layman this, perhaps, is not a big deal. It is though. It is a VERY big deal in the scientific realm. Some are using this as proof that a god is not the creator. I, however, see it differently. I believe it does not matter (pardon the pun) and said so on the "Politics Daily" blog. I also include the article from the NYT "Microbe Finds Arsenic Tasty; Redefines Life" to explain what the new discovery is about and why it is important. I wrote the following:

It does not, in my opinion, matter what science discovers in terms of its work to analyze the origins of man and his universe. The existence of a god as a creator will, I propose, NEVER be found. Whether life can use the molecule arsenic or the molecule of phosphorus in stabilizing its DNA matters not. Until evidence is found in substance and form of an actual being or thing that one can observe, others can duplicate AND pray to in order to get results then nothing changes the war between truth of science and fantasy of mythical beliefs which make people FEEL oh so good and oh so protected but are, in truth, the fiction of a human's very creative mind.

In reality the ONLY protection are those things which man and science have discovered to ensure man's survival. Other than that one can pray from morning to night and in between to some morphed or amorphous being it will not matter one whit because whether one is lucky enough to have escaped a tornado is so because the laws of physics have determined it to BE so. His poor good friend with a sweet faith-driven wife and six kids across the street who were torn limb from limb and killed by the same tornado has nothing to do with a sky god protecting one and not the other but has EVERYTHING to do with the science of physics to explain why that doomed family could not escape the tornado's wrath!

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