Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Something is Rotten in Denmark: I cannot even describe how despondent, vanquished and utterly furious I am about the confluence of electoral events. What has transpired is my worst nightmare. Where do I begin? In January these utter monsters will be taking back the House not just by a slim margin but by a HUMONGOUS margin, indeed, the largest electoral turnover ever. It is more than my mind can absorb because not only did the coin flip it disappeared from sight.

Where do I put the blame? I place it, generally, in TWO categories. The first is an American public that is utterly CLUELESS to political policy. Most had NO idea for whom they voted. They just knew they had to “throw the Democratic bums out.” Main Street may as well have committed suicide. It is not bad enough that they voted for Republicans, the party of HUGE corporate power, but they voted in the fanatical extreme Republicans who are ideologically immovable, uncompromising, extreme and socially backward. In Horatio Algerian laissez faire fashion they want you to sink or swim, live or die on your own. Life is SO hard isn't it? -- Tough. The public generally voted against its OWN interests. A study which was released recently said a majority of this woefully uninformed public did not even know the Republicans had taken over control of Congress! How do people in this country remain so ignorant? A better question is WHY are they so ignorant? Mencken's quote "You will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public," rings true. It is STUNNING.

Another aspect to this Republican House takeover is racism OF COURSE. White older voters will do ANYTHING to defeat the black Barack Obama. The white giant has awoken from its 2008 slumber. Over the holidays the Republicans even refused to extend unemployment benefits while the corporations rake in TRILLIONS from the necessary bailouts under Obama AND Bush. With few jobs and unemployment remaining high white America can take the black man Obama down by Republicans giving him NOTHING that he wants thereby sealing his fate to lose in 2012. Not understanding what is at stake, the American public bounce from Democrat to Republican like they are picking a hamburger over a hot dog. The treasonous Republicans even refuse to ratify a sound nuclear treaty with Russia which includes not only cutting civilization obliterating nuclear weaponry but also would give us the ability to monitor Russia’s loose nukes as well. This could save lives and prevent the unthinkable -- nukes in the hands of a terrorist network. But it is a treaty signed by the black man Obama so something that was pushed during the Reagan years is rejected now unilaterally by an almost all white party!

The SECOND part of the blame rests with the president himself. I should have realized he was not who he said he was when he invited Rick Warren, the Evangelist and homophobe, to his inauguration. It was a metaphor. Our president is like a Jewish prisoner during the Holocaust at a camp trying to seek mercy from the merciless who would show NO mercy even if one gave them gold. He has been trying to kiss the behinds of people who want to throw dirt in his face and take him down. I do not know WHY he feels he wants to be a Republican or bipartisan with people who do not want him in their club. He left Main Street to die thinking that the corporate swine will love him and create jobs because of the trillions he allowed them to keep fraudulently earning. His Wall Street cabinet hypocrites prop up their cronies and then that same Wall Street withholds money from the masses because the lack of jobs and housing foreclosures will sink the president. They will use the dissatisfaction of the population to defeat Obama making sure the awakened white know-nothings vote Republican in 2012. The Wall Street crowd savoring their Citizens United Supreme Court victory and dripping with unlimited corporate cash for Republicans COULD sew up their power in the House, the Senate and the presidency in perpetuity with weak opposition as far as the eye can see. The president hung around with the Wall Street cronies of his treasury cabinet who had a plan for eternal control of Republican corporate power but both HE and WE are NOT included.

Moreover, the president did not mount a HUGE campaign over the summer promoting his health care package. When the Tea Bag insanity took hold he did not vociferously argue against it. He left his fellow Democrats to hang out to dry in anarchistic town hall events promulgated and funded by the Chamber of Commerce, the Koch Brothers, the likes of Karl Rove and Dick Armey. The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts was the canary in the coal mine. If Massachusetts, a bluest of blue state, went red for a senator then there is SOMETHING rotten in Denmark. The late George Carlin got it right! “We are DUPED,” he said (with more profanity than I would use) “Don't expect anything from government because you won't get it. The game is rigged,” he declared. “It's a club and guess what? YOU ain’t in it.”

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