Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Must Read: I saw an author, Russ Baker, interviewed. He has written the book is called "Family of Secrets." I CANNOT put it down. I downloaded it to my Kindle. It is an analysis which was ten years in the making of George W. Bush. This author presents him like no other author I have read who has written about George Bush that fully explains the enigma, the complexity of the man and his background which formed one of the worst presidencies if not THE worst presidency in US history. If you think you don't want to know anymore about this unqualified man who allowed 911 to happen, invaded Iraq, a country which had done NO harm to us, tortured and catapulted this nation into the greatest recession it has ever known then please THINK again. This author seems to have documented all there is available to know. He has complied 500 texts on both George W. and his father H.W. which the author says he had to read and research to understand the father and thereby understand the son.

It is a page turner. You can download it to a Kindle if you have one or get it through or Barnes & Noble. If you have any interest in our country's history at the dawn of the 21st century and want to know the many many things that have been heretofore enigmatic about the Bush failed presidency this book provides substance. Moreover, it gives a little taste as to why EVEN Obama is not living up to his campaign rhetoric. I haven't gotten to that part yet but I can assure you I cannot wait.

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