Friday, November 05, 2010

Count Me in on Countdown: I could not disagree more with the The Boston Globe's November 5, 2010 editorial "Cable News: the Worst Segment in the News" criticizing cable news network's political programming (Link Below). For me it becomes a restoration of my sanity to listen to Keith Olbermann, and other MSNBC commentators with their their guests. They provide refreshing, informed and often brilliant commentary to critique toxic conservative politics most especially Fox News in the form of O'Reilly, Hannity, Beck and others polluting the airwaves often with bold face lies.

Fox News is a huge empire and will not go away anytime soon. The MSNBC line up is necessary opposition to the Fox insanity which, in my opinion, will drive this country into the ground. My day consists of either taping or listening to Dylan Ratigan, The Ed Show, Hardball's Chris Matthews, most especially Keith Olberman, the brilliant Rachel Maddow and now, the latest addition, the political expert Lawrence O'Donnell. I look forward to the day when MSNBC adds Cenk Uygur an inspiring voice for the left, and the wonderful civil liberties expert Glen Greenwald to its list of commentators. We need ALL of them now more than ever!

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