Wednesday, October 06, 2010

NO JOKE: I BRIEFLY viewed, because I cannot even endure listening to interviews of people like Pat Buchanan, Joe Scarborough this morning. The little I did see had the enthusiasm factor poll to vote at 50% for Republicans and 43% for Democrats. Who knows if this is correct but lets assume for now that it is: THIS POLL MUST MUST move in the Democratic direction and get Democrats to vote!

If we could get out the vote ESPECIALLY in minority communities i.e. African Americans, Hispanics and others as well as all progressives and Democrat leaning Independents as we did in the 2008 election I am CONVINCED we can take the midterms on November 2. Heck we could even take the House and the Senate by significant margins. Democrats staying home and not voting in November is as threatening to us as it would be if Sarah Palin were president (and by the way she's probably going to run.) This UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE potential result has HUGE consequences and all of them bad for the the majority of Americans, the middle class and poor!

THIS IS NO JOKE. I do not know how else to say it and impress on EVERYONE that we MUST get out the Democratic vote AND we must IF we possibly can contribute money and/or time to Democratic candidates ALL OVER the country. Yes, this is a life or death situation I am convinced as Republicans would keep this nation in eternal war, would dismantle health care and financial reform, would try to privatize Social Security, make Medicare cuts and increase the age of retirement to 70, SIGNIFICANTLY reduce or get rid of Medicaid, outlaw abortion EVEN in cases of rape or incest as they want to infuse government into your personal life. Moreover, they will allow the planet to melt through the indisputable FACT of industrial related global warming. Some even advocate for homosexual people not teaching in public schools and certainly not have the ability to marry the person of their choice.

A NEW Dark Ages hovers on the American horizon. We, if we keep electing Republicans, over time our country will decay and ultimately fall as other cultures advance by maintaining the health and welfare of their citizens and by making SCIENCE rule over superstition and myth. Republicans are NOT about government assisting people. They are about helping themselves to HUGE corporate money enabled by the Citizens United Supreme Court decision and, if they take the majority will throw this nation into a double dip recession or even Depression and, oh yes, always will enable eternal expensive in blood and treasure, war. Republican philosophy is DIAMETRICALLY opposite to our Democratic principles. They favor unregulated property rights over personal rights it's that simple.

Do you realize how many lives these social programs engineered over DECADES have saved and how many they WILL save in the future? Answer: MILLIONS. Moreover, the health care and financial reform already passed under Democrats will be improved over time IF Democrats prevail.

Republicans through their corporate cronies are BUYING elections outspending Democrats 7 to 1. We CAN show this country that money is NOT the only variable. People power is the REAL variable. Please send this on to anyone you know to make it crystal clear how important getting out the Democratic vote is.

DO NOT GIVE UP, DO NOT FALTER AND MOST OF ALL DO NOT FAIL. Think of it as your life and our country's well being hanging in the balance!

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