Friday, October 22, 2010

Citizens Disunited: Each day when I log on some new nightmare awakens me from the haze of an eight hour sleep. What is today's nightmare? If any of you watched Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann last evening or go on to MSNBC this morning you will have heard and will see the unmitigated insane curse a systemically SICK "conservative" Supreme Court majority by fiat placed upon our nation through its decision of Citizen’s United.

For those of you who do not know, in essence, that decision made the corporation the same as a person with respect to campaign contributions for political advocacy. It RADICALLY and in ACTIVIST fashion, which conservatives CLAIM to loath, overturned decades of law and precedent.

This means that the corporation, heretofore limited as to what monies it could contribute to political campaigns for advocacy, is now free to contribute MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of dollars to any candidate it chooses. Worse, those same corporations do NOT have to disclose who they are. So, even one man, under the guise of numerous corporations, could give HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars in campaign ads and buy an election. Worse STILL, foreign corporations in foreign nations like China, or anywhere for that matter, can contribute as well. Supreme Court "conservative" faux Justice Samuel Alito when our president at the State of the Union address last year called this rancid decision out for the oligarchcal corporate money capture of our political institutions it is, insultingly mouthed the words "that's not true." Does it SURPRISE you that conservatives lie? In the oft quoted words of the "great" RepublicRAT minority leader John Boehner "HELL NO!" It does not surprise me AT ALL.

This is without a doubt in the forty years that I have been politically conscious, the worst election I have ever experienced. Not only do the RepulicRATS have a chance of taking the House and maybe even the Senate but the composition and MEAN-SPIRITED CHARACTER of many individuals under the Republican umbrella will be the ones who could win. THAT my fellow humanitarian friends is not ONLY unacceptable but WILL spell the doom of our democratic nation IF it occurs. It means that our republic WILL turn into the oligarchy that many have said it already is by the corporate money capture of the process. Well, if it is now, as the Great Depression era entertainer Al Jolson used to say, "You ain't seen nothin yet!"

The ONLY way we can HOPE to stem this possible hemorrhaging of Democratic seats is TO VOTE DEMOCRATIC on NOVEMBER 2, 2010. If you want to read more about this horrendous muck of cash coursing through the veins of our body politic attempting, like a myocardial infarction, to KILL it go to Rachel Maddow's and/or Keith Olbermann's site and watch their programs from last evening. They will tell you what you SHOULD know about this DISGUSTING phenomenon of our electoral reality in 2010. Money talks we all know that but talking is one thing corporate filibustering an entire process is quite something else. The RepblicRATS through their corporate lackeys have outspent Democrats 7 to 1. They are injecting, through Carl Rove’s cohorts and others, hundreds of millions of dollars to literally BUY a Republican takeover and put those in charge who will do not the people’s bidding but the CORPORATE bidding. Republicans are NOT for the majority of us! They are using even the tea bag anger to capture power for themselves and return us to the Bush years that got us into this dysfunctional MESS.

DO NOT LET THEM DO THIS TO WHAT IS LEFT OF OUR COUNTRY. They are the toxic brew we all worried about and the minions of Justices Alito, Thomas, Roberts, Scalia and the swing vote Kennedy installed by various Republican presidencies put this CORRUPT house in order. They and it are poison to our system. The ONLY weapons we have to FIGHT against this horrible reality are our own contributions to Democrats which I URGE you to keep making contributions if you can AND our VOTE. VOTE VOTE VOTE for Democrats on November 2. If you want a country left for the middle class VOTE like your economic life depends upon it because, as I have said many times, IT DOES!

Onward -- we are STILL a free republic -- FOR NOW. Forward this to anyone you like.

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