Thursday, September 02, 2010

Pulling Teeth: Every day in the a.m. when I read the headlines and the projections for the November Congressional midterms my heart sinks into depression. Can the American people be THAT ill informed and unaware as to elect candidates who were and are the very ones who created the economic and international mess under George Bush and who intend stalling Obama on absolutely EVERY policy vote which COULD propel us out of our quagmire? Republicans absolutely at all costs maintain their strategy and that is to say NO to everything Obama and Democrats propose hoping not only for a Democratic loss in the 2010 midterms but, after that, the eventual sinking of our president in 2012.

It is crystal clear. If the president ONLY had the support we would have gotten all the things so necessary to our survival. That is NOT what the Republicans are about. They are NOT about country's survival. They are about themselves, the big corporations and the big banks who support them and who ran the country near the abyss. It matters not whether it is a Republican of old or the newer brand Tea Partier. The goal is the same to unseat this black man from the presidency and his family from the White House. As bad as the criticism was against Clinton BEFORE Lewinsky it was nowhere NEAR the vitriol that is expressed now against Obama. One would have to be utterly ignorant not to see and hear the racist tone to the venom.

Just recently in Mass. in a liberal town the Tea Party wrecking crew was out complete with Obama signs, so cleverly and artistically (I say with sarcasm) magic marker drawn with a Hitler mustache. They tried to hook even ME. One can imagine the choice words I saved up and delivered.

Still, in view of the fact that most Democrats have well thought out prescient policies touted by experts it matters not, as some people will react not by careful thought but by knee jerk reaction mixing race into the toxic brew. Either I must watch closely what is happening and tend toward depression because I cannot STAND this horror show or I can prod people to ACT and GET THE DEMOCRATIC VOTE OUT! This did NOT NEED to happen if the president and ALL our Democratic Party incumbents played it smart and were as disciplined as the Republican Party has been.

I do not know what the president is thinking but as Joan Walsh said in if he has something up his enigmatic sleeve now would be a VERY good time to show it. If we think the successful vote on economic reform of Wall Street or on Healthcare was like pulling teeth, we should wait for the next act if Republicans overturn Congress. The teeth will not only be hard to pull, they will be impacted and we will be cooked maybe for decades without even a pair of dentures to chew the non existent food! DEMOCRATS, GET OUT TO VOTE IN NOVEMBER and TELL ALL YOUR DEMOCRATIC FRIENDS TO VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS AS WELL. THERE IS TOO MUCH AT STAKE!

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