Monday, September 27, 2010

Infrastructure Anyone? Please allow me a stream of conscious. Our nation's infrastructure is abysmal. It is just recently in my neck of the woods that stimulus is creating a BIT better scenario as roads, bridges and construction can be seen EVERYWHERE. Still the fix is not entirely complete. We have a LOT to go. Put Republicans in charge and see how much gets done. NOTHING. One thing I have learned my McDonald's character has got to go! You will not see SIGNIFICANT change in the time it takes to swallow a Big Mac. We have GOT to give this administration some time. I can see SOME things getting better and it is ONLY two years into his term. As long as we keep a two party system we MUST make that choice.

To choose a Republican over a Democrat this November is simply NUTS. Republicans are NOT about us. They are about the top 2% trickle down economics which was PHONY BALONEY. It NEVER did nor will it happen and to say it did is simply lying. Go back 8 years and see how just ducky it was. It WASN'T. We need a bigger stimulus package for which NYT economic columnist, expert and my guru Paul Krugman advocated. He was DEAD ON CORRECT!! Pushing the tax rate UP for those making $250,000 or more is more than correct it is NECESSARY and deficit cutting for those of you who are CONSUMED by the deficit. It WILL narrow it AND give JOBS to those who can make the repairs to infrastructure. Dems will give US the MIDDLE CLASS the tax break as it SHOULD be. We will often times spend the money saved and most ESPECIALLY if jobs are created through more stimulus.

The truth is people WANT the improvements to the nation that ONLY government can provide. The private sector does NOT care about you! Remember that in November. It is utter insanity to put these charlatans and snake oil salesmen in charge of ANYTHING except a zoo. The private sector is NOT about your retirement they do NOT care about your retirement and when the economy went BUST your retirement went with it. So can you imagine IF Social Security were privatized and Wall Street had control of it? Our nation would be gone. HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE OUR COUNTRY? I LOVE IT A LOT and KNOW that putting SOME things like health care AND bank regulation AND infrastructure AND retirement in the nation's hands does MUCH better than the private sector EVER could hope to do. BE SMART figure things out. Republicans do NOT want you to do that. So DO IT and you will see they offer NOTHING but to the top 2% richest and it will NOT trickle down to you! Everyone else they DUPE with phony patriotism. They are NOT patriotic because they do NOT care about most of us and they WANT to make eternal war because GUESS WHAT? THEY DO NOT FIGHT THE WARS and BIG CORPORATE BEHEMOTHS MAKE A BUNDLE THROUGH WAR! Dick Cheney made a FORTUNE from war. Republicans are NOT about jobs, they are NOT about health care for all, they do NOT care about your retirement and they do NOT care about most of you unless, of course, you are among the top 2% wage earners in the country!

If you do not vote Democratic then you step on your OWN toes and NO amount of surgery will be able to repair the damage.

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