Wednesday, September 15, 2010


How good do you think things will get even IF Republicans take the House, the Senate and ultimately the 2012 presidency which is where I believe their sites, of course, are set? What kind of Nirvana do teabagger Republicans think they will have?

IF Republicans are ultimately in charge just what would THEY do, for example, if they found a similar situation in which George Bush and Hank Paulson his Treasury Secretary found themselves in 2007-2008? Is the mantra of the Republican Party teabaggers now an economic laissez faire libertarian one where NOTHING would be done to help, for example, the BIG BANKS if it looks as if they are going to fail? Would you let 'market forces' work their magic and let them get THEMSELVES out of a huge hole THEY dug? Would you roll back ALL regulation so markets could have free rein?

In truth, I believe, that is what the teabaggers want but what mainstream Republicans fear. They fear that the tea bag populist movement will NOT help even the too-big-to-fail banks and corporations IF OR WHEN they begin to look shaky. So again my question to tea baggers would be WHAT WOULD YOU do if you found, yet again, a situation where the banking system -- the ENTIRE banking system -- was ready to cave? That's the BEST QUESTION I know of as it seemed their pants became twisted as the big banks were given BILLIONS and the CEO's were allowed to walk off with HUGE bonuses. Obama is ostensibly blamed for this even though it did NOT happen on his watch. We know the color of his skin had absolutely nothing to do with the ire behind tea bag party movement? Oh but of course it did not .... MUCH!

What a great job if you can get it huh? If the too-big-to-fail banks win they win but if they lose they win too as our government bails them out with our money to save an economy! Is that what teabaggers would do let them sink or swim Ayn Randian style if the financial system became that ominous and say to heck with the global wide-ranging catastrophic implications of such policy?

One additional question: What if the Republican Party teabaggers are in charge and Iran forces our hand and begins openly to build a nuclear weapon? Some on the right on other sites quite frankly want to place a hole in Iran's earth the size of a huge asteroid. John McCain joked about it. Remember "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" to the tune of a Beach Boys melody? What do they envision for our country and for the world if Iranian politics tries to call our bluff? What kind of utopia do teabaggers think they will usher in?

What I think, of course, is it will be DYSTOPIA. That is, it will be end days Revelation lunacy except no sky god will pull us out no matter how hard we believe. Want to see just how fast a nation can fall? Stick around. With teabagger religionists in charge you may just have a great view for about a nuclear millisecond, that is IF you want it!

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