Thursday, September 30, 2010

American Exceptionalism on the Chopping Block: Glen Greenwald yet again has written a wonderful editorial in entitled "Questions for Andrew Sullivan" about the latest Cbama nod to unlimited executive power by actually advocating and creating a method for the president ONLY to be able to kill EVEN an American citizen on the president's say so alone. The article, as usual, is excellently crafted (Link Below).

I have thought that Obama extending what I call his God Father Law making an offer NO ONE can refuse but worse NO ONE anywhere can even DEFEND against is simply egregious! Moreover, I have thought, too, that having Obama in office will POSSIBLY preclude an INNOCENT American like you or I, who LOVES this country and the civil liberties for which it is SUPPOSED to stand, will not suffer from executive power in the extreme BUT what happens NOT IF but WHEN Obama or someone like he is NOT in office? Sarah Palin would be a PERFECT example despite the overwhelming odds against her gaining the presidency who can predict WHO will occupy that office and what despotic powers they would love an excuse to use against their perceived enemies? Has world history shown this to be SO true? The answer, OF COURSE, is a resounding YES!

Has American behavior ESPECIALLY post Word War II been all that unblemished that we have not targeted innocents all over the globe? The answer is NO. Academics like the late Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, and even Prof. Andrew Bachevich of Boston University have said that there is no such animal as American exceptionalism in contemporary history as case after case of lying a nation to war exists and case after case of the most EGREGIOUS inhumane and downright UNJUST American political usurpation of civil liberties continues to be perpetrated against so many innocents.

One can look most RECENTLY to 12 US soldiers charged for the murder of innocent Afghan men JUST FOR SPORT (one Afghan simply plowing his field) and adding to that the sadistic mayhem of chopping up corpses' body parts. What a simply sublime way of winning hearts and minds! What HAS this nation with its ever so TOXIC brew of right wingnut fanatical extremists and its tone deaf leaders DONE to expand its war powers into the stratosphere? To what lengths will this nation excuse such horrific crimes under the sheet of American exceptionalism that, because of these crimes, does not exist anymore?

There is NOTHING exceptional about the policies of war carried out by the US government over the last decade. There is NOTHING exceptional about infinite power given carte blanche to ONE leader in a democracy. I ask do YOU FEEL SAFER because YOUR president can kill you based on HIS say so ALONE and you have absolutely NO right to defend yourself? I submit the answer is NO because although NBC News drops these horrific stories after a 15 second news bite they continue and I am sure will continue to be aired on Al Jezeera and in Arab nations in perpetuity as a way to ENRAGE their people and promote violent jihad against this country. Americans as usual go their merry way, have a cup of coffee at Starbucks and lament not having enough jobs. Not having enough jobs? THAT may be the least of our problems.

DOES ANYONE THINK that the policies of those who love war, who want war, who make their living FROM war want these policies to end? HELL NO. Does anyone think that the Republicans will turn this nation's productivity around by these and other loathsome policies aimed directly against the middle class and used by them to create more for the top 2% on the backs of the middle class and poor?

It is the MIDDLE CLASS who will suffer as they bear the burden not only of war but of the economic cataclysm as well. They COULD also primarily bear open hunting season on any American with the green light to kill given by solely one man. It is surely NOT the top 2% who sign up to FIGHT wars. Just ask the Tillmans what the government is capable of doing and/or hiding. The Godfather Law is one of the MOST loathsome policies in the history of a nation that has prided itself on its implementation of justice through the fairness of its civil libertarian ideals and its attendant ideal of innocent until proven guilty with its rules of evidence crafted over centuries. Who can stop these toxic policies of overruling the ESSENCE of our nation? I have NO idea!

If this God Father policy is so then the terrorists, who know nothing of a government BASED on civil libertarian ideal, win by our losing our most treasured principles and giving infinite power to one man; our Founders must be turning in their graves. It is EXACTLY what they feared. "We have a REPUBLIC IF you an keep it" said Benjamin Franklin. I think he would shake his head in disbelief as the nation devolves into the tyranny he and the Founders MOST especially feared.

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