Monday, July 05, 2010

Crying: FABULOUS editorial in the Huffington Post by Robert Kuttner. Kuttner says it ALL. Every single thing he wrote in this I have said at various times probably NOT as eloquently. I have, I think, never read an opinion that sums up the Obama presidency so far that is as well written as this and as, in my opinion, completely correct. Unlike, as he says MOST progressives are, I personally am NOT an optimist as those who know me understand.

I would like to take this editorial and hand it to Obama personally not that it would matter very much to him! Prediction: Obama is a one term president unless he changes his stripes and WE the people will suffer all the more for it while he will go off enjoy the millions from his book and the exorbitant fees for the speeches he gives. Where will the people's money come from? Not even the unemployment line. Good luck, America as China rises. Boy did we as progressives get this one WRONG! Read, the link and as Kutner says watch this accident in slow motion. As a progressive I will just sit here and cry!

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