Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Letter To My Loyal Friends: Some may cheer. I am taking a moratorium on blogging and writing. I'll tell you why. I am SO upset over the oil spill and I am sickened to such a degree writing about anything is impossible. I cannot even watch the pelicans and the poor birds with their oil soaked wings trying to fly or watch the animals' little legs stuck in disgusting goo gasping for breath not to mention to think about the fate of those poor people there whose lives are destroyed. First the events around Katrina and now this have fallen upon a devastated region largely because of human error and corrupt politics. Two administrations have failed those desperate people -- our national brethren. I cry but there is nothing I can do. There is nothing more I can say about it.

Ordinarily I would be blogging and writing furiously just to feel like I am doing something and registering my opinion especially with North Korea threatening war having bombed the S. Korean ship IF they, in fact, bombed it. I don't trust any government to tell us the truth. Between that fear and the humongous spill which I think they will NOT cap until August, the tanking world economy, the eternal wars our country fights and the way I feel about this administration in which I had SO much enthusiasm and no longer do, there is no point any more to writing about these things unless or until the leak is capped, things are back to semi-normal and I can have some hope return.

Throw in the possibility of an attack on this country and one's own personal issues it becomes impossible for me to write about all the emotional onslaughts. There comes a time when one must save what semblance of one's sanity one has left. Because those in power share beds with those who have all the money to buy the power like common prostitutes in a red light district slum, the stakes are now TOO huge, MUCH huger than they ever have been. Corruption is no different from other eras BUT it is unique in this era because the catastrophic fate one state can visit upon another is so profound. It is the way it has been since recorded history BUT the times are different. They are life and death times for this beautiful planet with us in it and we are living it not just studying about it from texts.

So, I am cutting back writing for awhile until some semblance of hope returns whenever that will be. I don't want to inflict on anyone my continual sadness about the course of events which turns into intense anger at things over which I have no control. The fate of humankind and the life of the planet lies in the balance. This is, as Doris Kearns Goodwin titles her book about another era, “no ordinary time,” no ordinary time indeed!

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