Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Breach of Tort: This is NOT the change I bought into. Each day I grow angrier and angrier at the president for making this DISASTROUS decision to oil drill off the Gulf Coast or any coast. The lapses we expected under the Bush administration and which were routine are the VERY opposite Obama said his policies would be. He said in HIS administration there would be NO negligent implementation of policy by those whom he would put in charge of government institutions whose job it is to enforce regulation to protect the nation against disaster. The disaster that has happened in the Gulf is beyond adequate expression. I am enraged and this story, if true, (link below) makes me weep all the more as the BP rig used in the Gulf drill seemingly was given a regulatory pass.

Some say I should just shut up as what do I want a Republican? NO of course NOT BUT I do NOT want Republican light either. I wanted and THOUGHT I was getting a progressive Democrat. For this and other policies I simply let slide, the president is in breach of tort. Unless he can reverse the severe damage to our waters, ecosystem and the many human livelihoods soon lost by this disgusting spill, he is in DEEP trouble in 2012. People like I am are his base and we want a new product. The president is in breach of tort. In many ways he is NOT the product we thought we were getting!

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