Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Collective Millions: My anger at the Church goes far beyond the sex scandal although that is the mirror image reflection of Vatican corruption throughout the years. What, of course, makes my blood boil is the fact that at this time of year, ESPECIALLY, the Jews of the Diaspora particularly in Eastern Europe had to hang their heads low HOPING that they would not be the target of the Christian populous' venom. Many Jews were harassed, assaulted and killed during Easter for none other than the trumped up centuries old alleged crime of deicide. It is this that stands alone which planted the toxic seeds of anti-Semitism with its roots in New Testament theology and to this day is an issue as Benedict returns to the Latin mass a prayer hoping for the conversion of the Jew. I ask in what fantasy does this pope with his Nazi Hitler Youth past live?

I discussed this issue and this Pope Benedict with someone of intellect. She, I thought, made an astute observation. She said he smiles BUT there is no smile in his eyes. She thought they remained steely cold and I agree. There is that steeliness in him that I believe harbors the worst anti-Semitism with its etiology in his youth. It is because of this that he returned after many years the Latin prayer asking for the conversion of Jews, it is because of this coldness that he wanted to reinstate Bishop Williamson and others in the ultra-conservative Society of St Pius X even though Williamson is a Holocaust denier, it is because of this that this pope wanted to make a saint of Pius XII who did LITTLE and could have done much from the pulpit when so many Jews faced the horrors of their final hours. Pius XII was a right wing anti-Communist who liked the Nazis more than he liked the Communists and whom Benedict thinks is deserving of, what, a promotion?

In MY world many popes, the Catholic Church and Christianity in general have MUCH for which to answer. This Jew lets NO ONE get away with anything anti-Semitic anymore. We and those who understand the Jewish plight must scream NO from OUR pulpits as we have paid TOO high a price for silence. Six million dead is TOO much to forgive anyone of anything lest we ever forget the collective millions of Auschwitz.

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