Monday, April 26, 2010

CAN I JUST SCREAM? CAN I JUST SCREAM AS I SEE EXACTLY WHAT I KNEW WOULD HAPPEN WHEN THE PRESIDENT OPENED UP OUR COASTS TO DRILL BABY DRILL FOR OIL? I'd like to hear Sarah the Idiot Palin scream that now. Proof positive as the wet lands of Louisiana, Mississippi and even Florida are, as I write this, at risk as if they were not already by slimy, putrid, rancid oil. This is the cradle of a civilized environment which will take generations to revitalize IF ever as oil will most likely hit the shore at 42,000 gallons of the crud a DAY!

Honest to God if I believed in a God I surely would not blame Him for spewing out revenge for some of our country's (and other's) most disgusting policies which hurt humanity and are perpetrated over and over and over again here and around the world. Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again thinking you will get different results. You won't. What will it take? What? Does anyone care about our gorgeous UNIQUE planet? Does anyone care about their children? Does anyone care about their grandchildren and if you don't have any of those as I do not just care about the sweet animals that are at risk including the perpetrator of the madness -- us.

I am sickened by the oil spill but the trees, flowers and birds of that beautiful wilderness will be sickened much more than even I or you could imagine.

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