Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Church turns a deaf ear: The New Your Times article on the Wisconsin deaf children abuse case is beyond belief. If you haven't already read it do so at the link It will curl your hair. Not only did the abused 200 boys -- maybe more -- and parents of them report it they reported it to MANY of the church hierarchy who did NOTHING but cover it up including the Pope. It reinforces my previous blog entitled The Abomination -- The Pope in the Cross-hairs. I include THAT link below

You may ask why do I care. It is the hypocrisy I care about coming from an institution that is supposed to be about anything but. Moreover, the sins of this institution against my people, the Jewish people, are, over a period of two thousand years more often than not despicable. Worse they lead ultimately to the Holocaust. The Holocaust could not have existed without Christian anti-Semitism and Pope Pius XII did little from the pulpit to stop it although Benedict wants to make him now a saint.

Beyond that a church and a Pope so utterly in the midst of horrific pedophilia has the gall and the nerve to be responsible in part for California Proposition 8 which denied ADULT homosexuals who merely loved each other and many of whom were NOT Catholic the right to be like everyone else and marry. That my blood boils is an understatement and I believe it is my responsibility as a human being to speak vociferously about this brutal case of hypocrisy. I could not live with myself if I did not.

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