Sunday, January 24, 2010

SPOT ON! When I read, Frank Rich, NYT preeminent editorialist, write an op ed for the Sunday NY Times and says everything or near everything I have been complaining about the Obama administration for months, I am, if you will excuse my ego this one time, patting myself on the back. If Frank Rich has written brilliant columns, this was, in my opinion, one of his best. I can disagree with none of it because I have said most of it myself albeit not quite as elegantly.

I guess I do not "need my head examined" after all as I was accused by a relative of mine I did when I have been critical of Obama who for some walks on water. He does NOT for me. He has made, vis a vie the Scott Brown election, a GRIEVOUS if not fatal error and could if he does not change his modus operandi cost our country lives and fortune. Scott Brown is NOT a man of the people like the Republican mantra dupes people into believing and sometimes I wonder if Barack Obama is not as well. He needs to change course or, in fact, he will be a one term president. Sad, because his potential in November, 2008 was so overwhelmingly good.

I provide the link below for those who have not read it.! He is SPOT ON and the White House should take note and FAST!! Onward.

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