Friday, January 01, 2010

Rush to Judgment: Rush Limbaugh is in the hospital with a possible heart attack. Can I wish Rush well as some liberals have said they do? I wish I were a better person. I wish I had the love and warmth that I had as a young left wing worker for all things peaceful and good. That was when I was 21. I am 61 now. I'm still left of center, my basic philosophy has remained in tact give or take a few divergences but I am not nice now. I do not have the love and warmth I once had. I'm jaded. I'm jaded by decades which saw ad infinitum war and a poisonously divided nation. I have felt the virulent tenor of the times which probably existed before the Civil War. No wonder we never forget that war. It divided us so.

My born-post-World-War-II life has basically known nothing but a nation at war in some foreign country or another far removed from me. We make war, we wage it, we invade hundreds of countries, destroy what infrastructure there is, set up hundreds of bases, kill/maim hundreds of thousands of people, stay for years and prop up the wretched of the earth costing trillions. How about if we provide health insurance to our people? Oh no, it's much too expensive as we end one war and go into another. Polticos promise the world and deliver little of what they promised. Barack Obama, that man who thrilled me back to those years of youthful hope, disappoints me again as he tries to kiss those who not only will not kiss him back, they spit in his face. He makes deals with the devil which have alienated his base and those of us who put him in power. A year later his approval rating is 47% down from a high of 67%.

I can show the love when something is achieved. But it is not. The right wing is amoral we all know that. Their opposition's life in their mind is as cheap as dirt. So my love dwindled and what's left is only embers of it. Thus, my dear Joan Walsh, a liberal commentator who wishes Rush Limbaugh well, I cannot because he so often wished liberals ill and hopes the president fails or worse. It would mean nothing if his viral words directed into his golden microphone did not spread a mutant infection and influence so many. They do and have helped fuel Republican intransigence and racist division in Washington and around the country. Rush Limbaugh more than any other toxic conservative commentator has resurrected the southern Confederate cause of whites and trumpets for glorious war this time against all things liberal, intellectual and humane.

No, I cannot be as good as you are, Joan Walsh. I do not wish Limbaugh well. I cannot turn the other cheek which has turned so much it's broken. I wish him the same he would wish for any liberal who was ill and has many times. I have no doubt because of his millions that big bag of gas will just keep rolling along. YEARS of being overweight, YEARS of drug addiction to Oxycontin and god knows what else, years of stress and angry hate toward anything liberal, years of smoking cigars and years of other probable nefarious activities have finally caught up with the biggest of all gasbags. I wish him no good and I admit it. In fact, a little suffering may go a long way so that we can say good how does it feel. Think of what a pickle you would be in, Rush, with no job, no home, no money and no health insurance. Maybe he could relate at least mentally to that. Then again knowing Rush Limbaugh he would not even think twice about it.

No, I do not wish Rush Limbaugh well.

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