Thursday, January 07, 2010

Midterm Malaise: Here is my analysis of domestic political events now as I see them with the loss of Congressional Democrats for 2010. I posted them on McClatchy News. The second post was a response to a guy who thinks the American people are not so stupid as to vote for Republicans again in 2010. It is off the top of my head and not great writing as one is limited on a blog:

The BOTCH is multi-fold. FIRST is the economy that is the MOST important part. Putting the causes of the economic disaster the foxes in charge of the chicken coup was DISASTROUS. It meant the focus was on Wall Street and not Main Street where a good recovery has yet to be seen, bonuses that should NOT have happened even IF it fought out in the courts did. (2) Obama lost his base. To gays who supported him 20 to 1 he was unconscionable and fed them crumbs because Rahm Emanuel said it wasn't important to worry about the base. But it is very important because the fervor for him is critical to maintain power. (3) Obama reneged on almost every promise of his campaign, holding Bush illegalities unaccountable, civil liberties and war (4) Healthcare. He was NOT engaged when we needed him during the summer. He should have hit back hard those intellect STARVED tea baggers. He didn't. He let a divided Congress try to do it. They didn't. We needed him. He is a HUGE disappointment seemingly erudite and aloof. Something is missing in Barack Obama and I don't what.

Answer to a guy (Tom Degan) on McClathy News: YES, the American people are stupid enough not to think back a year when the Republicans were the worst curse on this nation and brought us to the brink of a HUGE depression and lied us into war killing hundreds of thousands. The bailouts were necessary but ignoring Main Street was a huge blunder as were the bonuses. The American people's memory is thin and they will care in November if their condition is better which means JOBS JOBS JOBS. Without jobs for Main Street Democrats with the help of Geithner and Summers and Obama have cooked their own goose. A Paul Krugmanesq economic team was needed. Obama picked the WRONG economic team! They better work miracles because they are SURELY going to need it in November and beyond. I was part of Obama's base. I LOVED him and had such hope. He is a HUGE disappointment to me. He reached out to Republicans who almost literally spit in his face. He turned the other cheek. Works in relgion does NOT work in politics. You NEED your base!

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