Thursday, January 21, 2010

A DECIDEDLY BAD DECISION: If any of us on the left ever thought Obama would be the end to our problems have SURELY gotten a rude awakening. Feast your eyes on the most disgusting opinion ever written by the Supreme Court since Dred Scott. Corporations now have clear sailing to spend as much as they want on political candidates. Now the nation is TRULY bought and paid for by the corporation. They even rolled back McCain/Feingold.

If we thought it could not get any worse, welcome to the United States of Oligarchy!! More conservative justices anyone?

We are unraveling and fast but the people elect Brown and think HE will be an independent Republican and will be for them. Oh sure. In which universe? We are plagued by corporate swindles that nearly brought down not only the US economy but world economy as well and NOW they can buy all US elections everywhere with ad infinitum amounts of cash. Sure, let's get some more deregulation of the always good-willed corporation. I say great. Let's see how fast we will be selling apples on street corners while the phenomenally wealthy sip mint juleps in the Caribbean! Finally, sometime maybe in some distant future this country will have learned its lesson. 1929, 2008 and a few other depressions in addition, were simply not enough for the never-to-be-underestimated masses.

Here is the decision if anyone can stomach to read it.

p.s.: Here is Glen Greenwald's column for Salon.Com He is BRILLIANT and writes spot on opinion.

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