Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boycott the Darkness: Recently a new film starring Mel Gibson called "The Edge of Darkness" has been or will be released in theaters. I ask that you boycott this film and ALL Mel Gibson films for that matter. This man is a Holocaust denier and blatant anti-Semite. I refer you to this link below in an article by Roger Friedman of that explains Gibson's anti-Semitism without my trying to compile a list of my grievances against him.

I refused to see the "Passion of the Christ" first because it was horrifically violent and second because a film emphasizing the death of Christ and the alleged Jewish involvement in it served only to inflame ancient absurd Christian anti-Semitic vitriol against the Jews and stoke the fires of potential violence in this age old insanity. He is not a friend either to the traditional Catholic church as he promotes his own brand of Catholicism.

Mel Gibson is vile and I ask you not to contribute to the success of anything he creates. The only way to hit him back is in his pocketbook and I ask you to consider never seeing anything Mel Gibson is in or creates.


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