Thursday, September 03, 2009

The genius of genius Glen Greenwald of is my idea of a GREAT GREAT intelligent journalist and man. Read this column (link below) it is EXACTLY how I feel. Wonderful right on the money piece about why we MUST change our policy. Our tax dollar now is conducting war after war after war since after WWII and it won't work and we have killed THOUSANDS and paid TRILLIONS for nothing. Quagmires abound. We have become a belligerent state and the politics of our country shows. It is ANYTHING but it surely is NOT humanitarian. Just watch the recent town meeting where teabag nutjobs screamed at a woman in a wheelchair who needs health care.

There are some mean, hurtful, crazies out there and people who love to kill. Yes, they love war. Of course they love it as long as some OTHER guy's kid fights it. They love the flags, the marching bands and the macho hoopla but fight the war? Not so much. The policy makers don't fight and most others do not either. Only a small percentage wage our technologically crushing wars on a LOT of innocent civilians. Our public is deaf and blind to the havoc it plays. And then they wonder just why so many are down on the US. It's frightening. I thought our country was better than that! Click on or cut and paste into your browser the link below. Glen Greenwald gives a daily opinion on

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