Sunday, July 12, 2009

I sent the opinion below to the Department of Justice and urge you who feel the same to do so at the email address below. Former Vice President Richard Cheney and former President Bush have committed war crimes. They have committed crimes against humanity as well as illegalities in most especially failing to advise Congress of probably the most egregious CIA torture and other policies ever conducted in the name of we the people of the United States. This must not go unaddressed. Future administrations, Democrat and Republican alike must know that the policies and behaviors they enact WILL be scrutinized and that they are not the last word on power. The Constitution and we the people are.

Bush/Cheney et al are NOT above the law and the latest scandal is most probably the tip of a very deep and very illegal iceberg of policies which took a people to war based on lies, killed and maimed hundreds of thousands and sent others into permanent exile, tortured innocent people and denied many the ability to achieve justice through the suspension of habeas corpus and other 4th Amendment rights due to ANY human being not JUST US citizens and most especially in war.

They played with war in an area of the world which is a tinderbox of nations some of which harbor nuclear weapons or soon will. They failed to bring the REAL perpetrators of 9/11 to justice and they failed to protect the nation as witnessed by 9/11 occurring on THEIR watch after they were warned.

Middle Eastern memories are long and our safety as a nation is at risk. Mr. Holder needs to hold everyone who committed probably the most horrendous crimes of a democratic nation accountable. Write your senator, congressman/woman, the president and the Department of Justice for Mr. Holder to appoint a special prosecutor who will investigate, prosecute and if guilty, ultimately make those who perpetrated such heinous crimes pay the penalty for the worst and the most corrupt administration in US history.

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An opinion for Attorney General Holder:

Either the Founding Fathers wrote a Constitution with separation of powers or they did not. If they did, which I think they did, and that document no longer applies then it would be nice for the people to know the mechanics of their government has changed and the executive branch is an entity in and of itself responsible to, in essence, no one. I suspect you do not think that is the case and that the former Bush administration officials must face the music they made and answer for illegalities and horrific policies they perpetrated which meant the taking of human life on a mass scale illegally and without cause.

Bush/Cheney, et al really spit in the face of Congress rendering it powerless. That is not QUITE what I think our founders had in mind. The Bush/Cheney conduct with respect to the conduct of the war in Iraq and deliberately keeping CIA procedures from Congress not only is unethical it is ILLEGAL and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The executive above all entities in government must be able to have its singular power checked. The legislative branch is a body of many with built in checks and the judiciary likewise but the executive stands alone with awesome power invested in one man or woman. Either we are a government of the people and our representatives, including and most especially the executive, are responsible to us or we are not.

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