Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Killing of Innocents: The Iraq war is simply abysmal. The brutality is horrific. I do not blame the Marines for the wanton slaying of innocents. War kills innocents. That is the nature of war. When the Allies bombed Dresden we didn't think oh the poor Germans. We thought this is what has to be done to win a must-win war. When Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground it took the lives of innocents. It won the Civil War for the north.

Still, where Iraq is concerned there is surely blame to be ascribed and it lies, in my opinion, at the feet of our incompetent absolutely devastating Executive branch with Legislative complicity and all those who allowed a nincompoop to achieve the most important office in the country if not the world. The blame is on him and the blame is on our American public. Even if the elections were stolen, the fact that they were close allowed this debacle to happen. I think the American public asked for it and they got what they asked for. Now we are nearly one half trillion bucks in debt, lives squandered and the saga of the surge will go on. We have allowed this tyranny to proceed because we have been so shortsighted, so incompetent in our scrutiny of our political leaders and so uncaring because, mostly, it did not affect us. Now that we face losing not only the war but our economic well being and our prestige around the world or worse maybe we will realize a leader who takes this country to war must be held to the highest standard of scrutiny no matter which party holds office and a Declaration of War must be obtained as specified in our Constitution. Bombs and bullets do not work anymore. For a change maybe we should try a little geopolitical diplomacy. It would save us a heck of a lot of lives and a fortune in treasure!

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