Thursday, December 07, 2006

ISG: Truth Between the Lines: Iraq is lost. If George Bush does not follow the ISG points which were excellently conceived and more than fair, he and his minions who lied about FACT in order to invade a country who did not invade us, should be impeached, convicted and tried for treason. If he does not change his "stay the course" insanity, Congress needs to cut off funds, gather our troops and workers as safely as possible, declare victory and leave. The presidency of George Bush is a disgrace, Iraq is insolvable and the best I hope for is that regional Middle East violence in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt or God forbid Saudi Arabia does not break out because our weakness is obvious. It is unimaginable that Vietnam could be repeated another time. OUR FORGEIN POLICY AFTER WWII NEEDS TO BE REASSESSED. The US has gone to war constantly, consistently over decades. There is NO truth that we want to make the world safe for democracy. Rubbish. We do things for our perceived national interest power, money and influence. That is what all states do. We dupe our electorate by telling them OUR wars are good wars. War is NEVER good but it is, admittedly, sometimes necessary. Because war is so brutal as well as phenomenally expensive, presidents of this country should NEVER be able to take this nation to war without declaring it as the Constitution requires and ALL of Congress BEFORE war is declared should legally have access to every single document available that offers proof that war is necessary. This is a tragic time for our country. I only hope it is not a fatal time for us all.

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