Thursday, November 02, 2006

Quizzical about Kerry: How is it possible that a seasoned politician such as John Kerry can say such a phrase six days before the most critical and positive election the Democrats have had in nearly 25 years? Can one inane stupid statement blur an election? I am hoping the American people will not fall for such a vile move by Republicans to cover up issues that literally mean life and death. If this is all it takes to do that then I give up or the Democrats must find a new way and change their message. Clearly the Republican way of doing things ruins us in foreign policy issues and does not do one thing for the blue collar class, the middle class and certainly Republicans do nothing for the poor.

This administration has botched every single issue known to man over the past six years which could have provided a better life for our people. They have single handedly created a multitude of disasters from FEMA and crisis management, global warming, air quality, to alternative fuel development, to health care or lack of it, to stem cell research which could actually cure people of heinous diseases, privacy rights, constitutional demolishment, treasonous activity, and wholesale corruption. Most importantly US foreign policy gets too many people killed. It alienates the public, the world and those who are attacked. We can no longer go to war over dubious issues. It cost us too much in lives, treasure and national pride. That is the message the Democrats must weave into a new policy of patriotism, pride and CHANGE!

We must give hope to a new century with new ideas and new values. Otherwise, it will be the same old same old and we will sink into an abyss that ultimately could mean the end of life as we know it in this country and on this planet.

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