Thursday, November 23, 2006

Middle East Mess: What a mess the Middle East is! How did it come to this? I really do not know what to say about the Middle East anymore. It leaves me speechless and that is unique. What does one do when hopelessness ensues? From Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and Lebanon to Indonesia and Israel it is a dizzying array of issues and brutality. I could go on and on about the insanity of fundamentalist beliefs no matter which sphere those beliefs come from. True as I believe my words are, I’ve said that so often, I can’t say that anymore. People want their Gods and there is no arguing with that in the east, in the west, in the Middle East and everywhere in between no matter how irrational beliefs are.

It would seem to me that a fundamental law of nature would be survival and that laws are instituted among people to ensure that a society does not fall apart so chaos will not reign and they will survive. Everyone’s view of what society should be like differs but I would think the depth and the scope of a constant never-ending cruelty, brutality, death and lawlessness would take a back seat to one’s desire for compromise and the calm it brings. I would think that that would be a law of nature for human beings so the next generation could go on. There is no calm in the Middle East there is only a constant bestial violence and the destruction and death it brings nearly everywhere.

I do not know how people would want to face each sunrise, get up and try to live their lives every day. The risk of having your body torn to shreds is too great. I do not know what would be the use in living. Iraq is beyond bad. It is horrific. George Bush took a bat and smashed a beehive. Now the bees are frantic and we cannot get them back into the hive and worse there was never any plan to do so. Worse still, those bees are going to other hives and stinging everything in sight. Sadam Hussein, for all his inhumanity, kept that beehive in check. It is slowly becoming worse than even the violence Hussein visited upon his own people.

Who knew? Certainly George Bush did not know. George Bush has now shown to our enemies the limits of the power of the west and Europe has shown they will do very little to help. He has shown our enemies we are truly alone. George Bush wanted a unilateral war and he got it. Now, the bees in that beehive will never leave us alone. Heck of a job “W.”

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